Split Air-Conditioner Cleaning Service


Split System Air Conditioning Clean Perth and Melbourne


Have your split air conditioning system professionally cleaned, sanitised & deodorised by KLEAN AIR AUS™.

Split Air Conditioner Service / Cleaning / Sanitising & Deodorising

Your split air-conditioner requires professional cleaning, sanitising & deodorising regularly to avoid it becoming breeding ground for bacteria, dirt, dust, mould spores, fungi & other nasties. these can & will be distributed through you household if you don’t have your split air-conditioner regularly cleaned and sanitised.

Just cleaning filters is not enough. split air-conditioners require professional cleaning to guarantee “KLEAN AIR AUS™” in your home. If you have not had your split air conditioning system professionally cleaned & sanitised the likelihood is that you are breathing in contaminated air which can contribute to poor health. Our sanitised cleaning service kills 99.99% of all bacteria and pathogens & can save you up to 30% in energy costs.

Why Use KLEAN AIR AUS   to clean, sanitise & deodorise your split air-conditioner?

• 100% money back guarantee

• Highly trained professional staff

• Latest state of the art cleaning, sanitisation & deodorising methods

• Have a pristine & santised split system

• Bring your split system back to as close to brand new as possible

• Breathe only clean air

• Reduce allergies and disease in your home

• Reduce running costs through your split system running more efficiently

• Fully insured & police checked

Watch Our Cleaning Video Here

Full Clean & Sanitization $129*

Payment Methods: Cheque, Cash, Credit Card and Direct Deposit
* Price per unit includes GST

See how we get the best clean in the industry!

Below is a look at a split system cleaning in progress – look at that black liquid coming out – you don’t want to be breathing that everyday.


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